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In 1994, Yu Eung-Yeon Manufactory, a company specializing in performance test equipment for hydraulic parts, was established. Up to the current HEAD, we have taken the lead in developing world-class hydraulic parts test equipment by participating in various product development projects.

HEAD continues challenge to provide the best performance evaluation system for hydraulic parts, such as high-performance servo actuators, MCV performance test equipment for excavators, hydraulic impulse test equipment, and development of low-temperature hydraulic supply devices.

Based on 30 years of technology, HEAD is starting to expand into various fields such as hydraulic parts maintenance and test services. HEAD promise to continue to provide solid trust in technology through continuous product development and research.

Pride in technology and quality, make it with HEAD.

HEAD Co.,Ltd. CEO   Kak Jin, Yoon

경기도 시흥시 마유로 238번길 43 (정왕동, 시화공단 3나 207)

TEL. 031-434-6721ㅣFAX. 031-434-2958ㅣMAIL. headmfg@headmfg.co.kr

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